Friday, October 12, 2012

Potty Training Take 1

The day before his actual birthday Jameson decided he was ready to go pee pee on the potty!  Now he has said this many times but it is usually just an excuse to get naked.  Well October 8th, he delivered so mommy was forced into potty training!  Not that I didn't want him to do it, I was just nervous and really wanted him to be ready and not force it upon him.  So I am glad it was on his own terms.  So 5 days in we are doing pretty good.  The treat jar works well. And books and flashcards solely for the bathroom.

These details are more for me than anyone else (for when Hud trains)
Day 1=awesome peed on potty 3x, one pee pants, had pooped in diaper before he decided to train
Day 2=not so awesome lots of pee pants, one poop pants :( lots of laundry!
Day 3=great, peed at someone else's house standing up at big potty :) pooped in pull up
Day 4=ok, no peed pants. stayed dry at school, struggle to get him to go on potty but he did, did not want to poop in potty or pull up. no poop all day :(
Day 5=today. So far so good stay dry at school, has peed in potty 2x, has pullup on now while resting PLEASE poop!

Jameson is 3!!!

Our big boy is 3!!! We can't believe how much growth has happened this year.  The chatting (and being able to understand all of it), the laughing, the serious side, the motor skills, the sense of self, the big brother protector, the big brother meanie, the potty training, preschool and more!  Jameson is becoming a little boy and leaving toddlerhood behind :(  He is really enjoying preschool.  He brings home many art projects each day, has been trying many new foods (they feed him snack and lunch), and loves to talk about his new friends and teachers, and this week is loving that it is D week because they are learning all about dinosaurs!!!
And to my sweet husband who so graciously shares his birthday with our son.  Happy 36th Birthday to you!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Hudson is 20 months Jameson is 2 yrs 11 mo.

Fun, Sassy, Sweet, and Just All Around Cute Pics!

First Trip to Mount Rainier

We took a day trip to Mount Rainier a few weekends ago and WOW what a sight!  It is massive and majestic.  We picnicked and then took a short hike with the boys before heading back to Seattle.  Great Sunday!!!!

First Day of Preschool for Jameson

SO our big boy started preschool on September 4th! He is going 2 days a week for 4 hours each day.  Jd is extremely social so he really was ready even though is still still just 2.  He loved his first day and was very proud to be going to school like his cousins, Mason and Mylie :)  Here are some pics from this milestone day!

While the cats away the mice will play :)

Summer 2012

Sorry for my absentee blogging lately.  But these two boys keep me hopping and there is so much to capture that it can be sometimes seem daunting to think of blogging it all.  I am going to do a quick recap since my last post in July and then start fresh moving forward :)

July 2012
Hudson brought us our first trip to the ER and first stitches!  He fell into a banister and slit under his chin and received 3 stitches.  This video was the morning didn't phase him much :)

Hudson also turned 18 months in July.  he weighed in at 35.4 lbs (the exact same weight as Jameson right now:)
We took a ferry to Vashon Island for a day trip and went to Point Robinson.

August 2012
Mimi & Papa came to visit! We took them to our favorite places in West Seattle.  We spent a day at Alki Beach, we spent a morning at Lincoln Park and we spent every afternoon swimming in our backyard. And Andy and I got a date night for FREE :)

Then Nana came to visit and we had another fun family filled weekend!  We went to Madison Beach Park, went to dinner one night, and Nana and I got an afternoon with my girlfriends

And then another FUN visitor, Aunt Lyssa came to Seattle for the first time!  She got the grand tour in a mere 3 days!  We went to Lincoln Park, downtown Seattle sans kids, and Deception Pass for hiking!

Well that takes care of our second summer in Seattle!  We thoroughly enjoyed the weather, sun and water.